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My Son The Hurricane – “Birthday Cake”

These 14 Canadian musicians got together to create an invigorating funk beast of epic proportions. Blending New Orleans style grooves with funk, jazz and hip hop, they’ve invented a new exhilarating sound they call “Brasshop”. Their rousing rhythm section, including 2 trombones, sousaphone, 2 trumpets and 2 saxophones, provides a sound extravaganza which is unparalleled.

Happy birthday to us, because they effortlessly blend funkalicious beats and their spectacular horns with rap and hip hop on their latest single. An incredibly catchy bass line carries the rap from the infectious brass-laden chorus to an awe-inspiring sax solo. The blazingly full-bodied orchestral sound is astonishing, allowing the rap and vocals to shine brightly on this slice of musical bliss.

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