In The Spotlight

Jenn Connor – “Like I Did”

Born in a small town just outside Toronto, this Canadian songbird started singing and performing at a young age. She began posting original songs, which were noticed by LA-based producer Tomas Constanza. Apart from being a singer and songwriter, she is also a model and plays piano, clarinet and guitar. She uses her refreshing, danceable pop songs to encourage young teenagers to believe in themselves.

This is the third single from her upcoming EP “Come Alive”. Produced by award-winning producer Rob Wells, it’s an innovative twist on traditional pop music. The dynamic bass line is instantly catchy and leads to a multi-layered instrumentation, which accommodates her luscious, sultry vocals like a glove. Despite singing about a breakup, it’s a fun and lively taste of the future of pop music.

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Music History

Paul Carrack – “I Live By The Groove”

From his album “Groove Approved” (1989):

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New Music

Lissie – “Best Days”

From her upcoming album “Castles”, to be released on 23 March 2018:

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