In The Spotlight

Swing Republic – “Long Legs”

Danish songwriter and producer Per Ebdrup loved the sound of classic swing so much that he started remixing obscure vintage gems in his spare time. These culminated in the album “Electro Swing Republic” in 2011, one of the first electro-swing albums, making him a pioneer of the genre. In 2013 he added the vocal talents of jazz singer Karina Kappel, completing their infectious modernized jazz/swing sound.

Their latest single is the title-track of the second in a series of four EP’s, leading up to the release of a full-length album later in 2018. Blending a jazzy sound with contemporary production, it has plush percussion, gentle bass line and sleek horns creating a smokey bar atmosphere perfectly suited for Karina’s charismatic voice . The result is a vibrant tune full of vintage charm.

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In Memoriam

The Cranberries – “Tomorrow”

Dolores O’Riordan, lead-singer with The Cranberries, passed away suddenly yesterday, aged 46.

From their album “Roses” (2011):

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New Music

Blue October – “I Hope You’re Happy”

From their upcoming album, to be released in the Summer of 2018:

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