In The Spotlight

Tall Children – “Song For You”

Hidden behind the moniker Tall Children is British guitarist Ben Hughes from Liverpool. After being encouraged by his dad, he picked up his first guitar aged 5. He studied at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and had his first gig when he was 13. When he branched out into songwriting, his own sound started to form, which is organic, back-to-basics pop with poignantly personal lyrics.

Like all of his songs, his latest single started off with an idea and a guitar, but it evolved way beyond that. It has a fun, upbeat pop melody, but the addition of electronic beats and sizzling synths gave it a very funky flavor. With relatable lyrics about the need for validation in life and his captivating vocals, it’s a wonderfully infectious pop song in a delectable funkalicious wrapper.

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Music History

Evelyn “Champagne” King – “Give Me One Reason”

From her album “So Romantic” (1984):

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New Music

Tracey Thorn – “Queen”

From her upcoming album “Record”, to be released on 2 March 2018:

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