In The Spotlight

Jillian Jacqueline – “Reasons”

This 29 year young Nashville-based country singer/songwriter has been singing and performing since she was 7 years old. Her experience, partially gained by being mentored by country legend Kenny Rogers, seeps through her intensely personal lyricism. By blending traditional country with a modern layer, she’s created a fresh new sound which has the music scene buzzing.

Her latest single takes her country stylings and dips it in fun, buoyant pop vibes. Singing about finding reasons to stay together when facing an imminent breakup, the song takes the listener from an intimate feel with smooth finger snaps and a laid-back whistle, to a bouncy upbeat pop chorus and with her dynamic, emotive vocals, it’s both delicately honest and pleasurably joyful.

From her debut album “Side A” (2017):

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Music History

Prince – “Musicology”

From his album “Musicology” (2004):

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New Music

The Shadowboxers – “Runaway”

This is the new single by Nashville-based soul/pop band The Shadowboxers:

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