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KYZR – “What It Means”

Dutch brothers Marcel Julius and Stefan Thomas are producers and multi-instrumentalists from Amsterdam. After having played in several local bands, they’re now focusing on their own sound which merges classic disco and soul with contemporary electro-pop. Using both analogue and digital instruments in combination with electronic beats, they’ve created a fresh nu-disco groove.

Their latest single is the third release of seven singles, collectively known as “The 7 Adventure”. Enlisting the vocals of Swedish singer Erik Frisberg, it’s a creamy smooth melody with sleek 80s disco vibes wrapped in a modern electro-pop coat. With bouncy beats, sizzling synths and sprightly electric guitar riffs framing the falsetto vocals, it’s crisp, discolicious and original.

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Music History

The Jacksons – “Art Of Madness”

From their album “2300 Jackson Street” (1989):

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New Music

Cilia – “Myself And I”

This is the new single by Swedish songstress Cilia:

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