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Gizelle Smith – “Sweet Memories”

This uber-talented artist had a multi-cultural upbringing, being born to a Seychellois mother and an American father and growing up in Manchester, UK, which exposed her to soulful music from birth. She fronted the German band The Mighty Mocambos on their breakthrough album in 2009. Giving a progressive twist to classic soul and funk, she developed her own timeless sound for her solo-work.

Her single is an emotional rollercoaster, which will dig deep into your soul. While pouring her heart out, her fierce, emotive vocals effortlessly take the listener from soulful R&B to an explosive funky chorus. With stylishly layered harmonies and an extravagant arrangement of peppy percussion, plush guitar and fluid electronic FX, this is an exceptional, ear-catching musical delicacy.

From her album “Ruthless Day”, to be released on 30 March 2018:

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Music History

Stevie Wonder – “Do I Do”

From his album “Original Musiquarium” (1982):

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Chromeo ft. The-Dream – “Bedroom Calling”

From their soon to be released album “Head Over Heels”:

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