In The Spotlight

ILUKA – “Sympathy”

Australian singer and songwriter Nikki Thorburn, better known as Iluka, has a revolutionary streak in her. Lyrically trenchant and rebellious, she uses her songs to convey her message of social awareness and the need for change and wraps it in an infectious retro-pop envelope. Her debut EP “Paper Doll” was released in 2013 and established her as a force to be reckoned with.

Her latest single is oozing with a vintage 60s atmosphere. The sizzling synths and buoyant rock riffs of her signature retro-pop sound are complemented by the Motown-inspired rhythm and exuberant brass, generating a cheerful, peppy tune. Lyrically outspoken, she pushes today’s generation to wake up and take a stand, while delivering an energetic and highly danceable earworm.

From her upcoming EP “Ritual”, to be released on 6 April 2018:

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Music History

Pebbles – “Mercedes Boy”

From her self-titled debut album (1987):

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New Music

Sam Tsui – “Trust”

From his album “Trust” (2018):

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