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Jasmine Crowe – “Breaking Things”

This Hawaiian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist started playing classical violin aged 3, singing at 5 and wrote her first song aged 14. Apart from the violin, she also plays piano and guitar and is influenced by pop music, Broadway musicals, orchestral arrangements and classic rock. Now living in Los Angeles, she released her debut single “Supernova” back in 2014.

Highlighting her vivid songwriting mastery, her latest single is a break-up song wrapped in an enticing power-pop shell. With catchy finger snaps and efficacious drums creating a captivating backdrop for her strong, impassioned vocals, this red-hot tune beautifully combines the fierce, emotional lyrics with gripping, danceable pop, making it both relatable and dynamic.

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Music History

Patti LaBelle – “Oh, People”

From her album “Winner In You” (1986):

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New Music

Matt Terry – “Try”

From his album “Trouble” (2017):

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