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Kat Eaton – “Robbing You Blind”

Hailing from Sheffield, birthplace of Pulp, The Arctic Monkeys and Joe Cocker, this British singer and songwriter grew up surrounded by a multitude of musical influences. Now based in London, her debut single “Giving It Up” attracted the attention of BBC Radio and was received with critical acclaim. Her proficient songwriting style blends jazz, blues, soul and pop into a fresh new sound.

Taken from her EP “When You’re Not Around”, her latest single is an invigorating and infectious soul/blues earworm of epic proportions. With an exhilarating, ear-tingling production, consisting of a bouncy bass, riveting percussion and full-bodied blazing brass, the insanely powerful and awe-inspiring vocals of this rising star truly get to sparkle. It’s a stunning slice of soulful splendor.

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Music History

Larry Graham – “Sooner Or Later”

From his album “Sooner Or Later” (1982):

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New Music

Paloma Faith – “‘Til I’m Done”

From her album “The Architect” (2017):

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