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Bellhouse – “On A Night Like This”

That Scandinavia is a breeding ground for catchy pop music is proved once again by Swedish singer/songwriter Emma-Lee Andersson aka Bellhouse. Although trained as a truck driver, her talents drew her into the world of music. She effortlessly combines being a multi-instrumentalist – playing piano, guitar and drums – with a poetic flair for lyricism to create an one-of-a-kind electro-pop sound.

With her scrumptious debut single she’s instantly made her mark on an otherwise congested music scene. The skillful production and electronic instrumentation takes you from a smooth, ear-stroking vibe to a robust burst of energetic tones, but it’s her radiant and rousing vocals which make this song truly stand out. Oozing with pop yumminess, it’s the fresh sound your ears were craving.

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