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Megan O’Neill – “Ghost Of You”

Born in Ireland, this singer and songwriter lived in Nashville where she emerged herself in Americana and country music. Now a permanent resident of London, she released her debut EP “Coming Home” in 2015, which reached number 1 in the Irish country charts. By blending country, blues, folk, funk and rock she’s created her own spellbinding Americana fusion sound.

Her latest single is a stirring emotional story about loved ones lost and the memories that live on as part of you. Starting with only a stylish piano and her delicate vocals, the song touches your heart before it truly comes alive in the chorus. The addition of mild percussion and country-style guitar chords give the emotive weight an exquisite edge which radiates an irresistible warmth.

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Music History

Martin Page – “In The House Of Stone And Light”

From his album “In The House Of Stone And Light” (1994):

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New Music

Alexander Rybak – “That’s How You Write A Song”

This is the new single by Norwegian artist and Eurovision hopeful Alexander Rybak:

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