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Flyer Learning – “Taste It”

The Institute of Flyer Learning is a five-piece neo-soul collective from Brooklyn, consisting of Brandon and Jonathan Hogstad, Adam Carlson, Alix Tucou and singer Chandanie. Drawing inspiration from artists like Erykah Badu and Daft Punk, they synthesized an unprecedented high-energy blend of neo-soul, neo-funk and hip-hop sounds using both analog and digital elements.

The latest goody from their self-titled debut album is brimming with pure disco delight. True to their fusion of styles, the 70s sounding groove effortlessly blends retro disco flair with modern electronic tones. The phenomenal vocals smoothly switch from hip-hop verses to a melodious funky chorus. It’s a highly infectious dance-floor filler with a titillating taste of vintage glamour.

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Music History

Curtis Stigers – “Sleeping With The Lights On”

From his self-titled debut album (1991):

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New Music

Lauren Ruth Ward – “Sheet Stains”

From her album “Well, Hell” (2018):

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