In The Spotlight

WOWH – “Lipstick”

London-based duo Nick Harrison and Toby Couling are both multi-instrumentalists and producers in their own right, but decided to join forces and combine their shared interest in songwriting, pop music and synthesisers into a rejuvenating sound of layered harmonies and intricate production, laced with a touch of soul. Recording in their own studio, they’re self-releasing the results to the world.

The latest fruit of their labor is a celebration of mellow, funky, summertime grooves. With a breezy feel from the cheeky fingersnaps and a jaunty beat, the buttery-smooth synths coast over the vintage-inspired bass plucks, generating a cheerful, velveteen soundscape in which the carefree, soulful vocals and joyous harmonies can snuggle up to the sunlit melody and give it a great, big smooch.

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