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Jack River – “Confess”

Australian singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Holly Rankin’s alias, Jack River, is a drifter who bridges era’s and genre’s. Using songwriting as an outlet after the tragic loss of her sister in a freak accident, shaped the grievous intensity of her lyricism, while embellishing it with her zealous electro-pop sound. Her haunting debut single “Talk Like That” dropped in 2016.

Showing her vulnerable side, her latest single is an emotive and delicate alt-pop tune. Taken from her debut album “Sugar Mountain”, which is dedicated to her late sister, it’s built around a 90’s acoustic guitar and her translucent, heart-wrenching vocals. Pushing the chorus with a surge of an indie-pop beat, catchy handclaps and punchy piano, this is a shining, multifaceted auditory gem.

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