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Chess Galea – “Ain’t No Better Love”

Born with the sound of classical piano in her ears, this Maltese singer/songwriter began learning to play herself. The discovery of a Queen album however revealed her true ambition of being a singer and dancer. In 2010 she moved to the UK to attend the Academy of Contemporary Arts. She’s performed from Abu Dhabi to London with her Freddie Mercury and Alicia Keys-inspired R&B/Pop sound.

Her latest single is a honeyed, laidback R&B groove. The intricate, 90s-reminiscent, instrumentation of multi-layered synths, smooth beats and suave fingersnaps radiates a mellow warmth and wraps its euphonious arms around her silky, sophisticated vocals. With lustrous harmonies adding to the polished, ear-stroking sound, this breezy tune is full of infatuating auditory indulgence.

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Music History

Billy Ocean – “Tear Down These Walls”

From his album “Tear Down These Walls” (1988):

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New Music

En Vogue – “Reach 4 Me”

From their album “Electric Café” (2018):

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