In The Spotlight

Emarosa – “Givin’ Up”

The line-up of this rock quartet from Lexington, Kentucky has seen many changes since forming as Corsets Are Cages in 2006, with lead guitarist ER White as the last remaining founding member. After a name-change, they released their debut EP “This Is Your Way Out” in 2007, followed by four albums and two further EP’s, changing their heavy-metal sound for a more classic rock groove along the way.

This first taster of their upcoming fifth album “Peach Club”, which is due to drop on the 8th of February 2019, certainly delivers on sheer rock deliciousness. The highly infectious melody, perky guitar strums and a vivacious rhythm blend together into a flavorful bowl of rock stew. Infused with some retro pungency, it cooks up a very danceable dish, full of zest, you just don’t want to give up.

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Music History

The Bangles – “If She Knew What She Wants”

From their album “Different Light” (1986):

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New Music

Little Brother Eli – “Oops”

This is the new single by funky British Indie-Rock quartet Little Brother Eli:

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