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Marlene Oak – “Slip Away”

Growing up on a small island just outside Stockholm, this Swedish singer and songwriter escaped into her own musical world. She got discovered by accident while busking in the nation’s capital and since then she’s taken her raw, enchanting folk-rock stylings on the live circuit, playing festivals such as STHLMAmericana and Way Out West. She released her debut single “How Long” in 2016.

It’s been two years since her last release, but her new enchanting single was definitely worth the wait. Feeling influenced by legends like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin, she’s stirred some 60s spice through her folk-rock sound. The live recorded instrumentation gives the tune a beguiling, authentic feel, while the retro-grit of her Stevie Nicks-touched vocals deliver a bit of a timeless kick.

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Music History

Elton John – “Made In England”

From his album “Made In England” (1995):

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New Music

KT Tunstall – “Human Being”

From her album “Wax” (2018):

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