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Maddie Simpson – “Woulda Never”

Infatuated by melody and rhythm literally since before she was born, this youthful singer and songwriter was exposed to the music of legends such as James Brown and Aretha Franklin. She later discovered the R&B sound of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and set out to create her own blend of old soul and new R&B, leading to the release of her debut single “Love Me Loud” back in August.

Her sophomore single is a mesmerizing smooth groove, which pays tribute to the R&B sounds of the 90s. The laid-back beats, playful fingersnaps and retro harmonies form a mellow soundscape in which her exquisite, flirtatious vocals chronicle the highly relatable story about budding romance. Touched by the old-soul aesthetics in her, this 90s throwback is an intimate slow-dance away from love.

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Music History

Earth, Wind & Fire – “Magnetic”

From their album “Electric Universe” (1983):

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New Music

UPSAHL – “The Other Team”

This is the new spirited pop single by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist UPSAHL:

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