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State Of Salazar – “Hold On Tonight”

This Swedish quintet was started by students from the Malmö Acadamy Of Music in 2010, based on a concept of lead singer and songwriter Marcus Nygren a year earlier, in order to play bombastic Rock music meant for big arenas. Spending time honing their vintage-styled Melodic-Rock sound first, it wasn’t until 2012 that their debut EP “Lost My Way” was released, earning them a tsunami of praise.

Taken from their upcoming album “Superhero”, to be released on December 7th, their latest single has an epic, cinematic, West-Coast AOR sound, time-traveled straight from the 80s. True to the sounds of bands like Survivor, Journey and Toto, they’ve wrapped their howling guitars and invigorating percussion in a neon-lit Rock coat, while the melodic power of the vocals make it pure rockalicious.

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Music History

Belinda Carlisle – “Live Your Life Be Free”

From her album “Live Your Life Be Free” (1991):

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New Music

Outasight – “The Bounce”

From his album “Future Vintage Soul” (2018):

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