In The Spotlight

Oliver Heimach – “Golden Hour”

This Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer has waded through many corners of the musical world already. He started songwriting at 18, with an initial interest in Musical Theater. Luckily his passion for pop took him to joining several bands, but started molding his own sound after a West-Coast move in 2015. His debut single “Saturday Morning Cartoons” was released in 2018.

Infected by some groovy Saturday Night Fever vibes, his latest single is a Bee Gees-influenced disco extravaganza. With some glistening synths woven through the fabric of the 70s instrumentation of a sprightly beat, plucky bass and vintage violins spawning images of brightly lit, multi-colored dance-floors, his flawless, retro-dipped, falsetto vocals put the finishing touch on this sweet disco banger.

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Music History

Róisín Murphy – “Let Me Know”

From her album “Overpowered” (2007):

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New Music

Brother Leo – “Push Up”

This is the new single by Swedish funk brother Brother Leo:

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