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Little Brother Eli – “Wait For You”

This British quartet from Oxford was formed in 2013 and they pretty much instantly took to the road and toured extensively ever since. Consisting of Alex Grew, Joshua Rigal, Adam Stowe and Benji Page, these four, well-dressed bearded dudes combine rock, disco and electro-pop with hip-hop rhythms to forge a lively, one-of-a-kind sound. Their thrilling debut album “Cold Tales” dropped in 2016.

By blending an indie-rock basis with a funky vibe and a touch of Nu-Disco, they have concocted something really exciting with their latest single. With powerful vocals and clever instrumentation of playful, plucky bass, vitalizing drums and a raucous, howling guitar solo, they’ve created loads of catchy hooks and an infectious chorus that makes this a funkalicious rock tune you don’t want to wait for.

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