In The Spotlight

Navina – “27 Hearts”

As a multi-instrumentalist, as well as a singer and songwriter, this British songbird plays flute, piano, guitar and bass and compiled quite a self-penned song collection in her teenage years. She produces all of her music in her Cambridge bedroom first, before recording a more glossy version in a studio later, still playing most instruments herself. She self-released her debut EP “Colours” in 2014.

Taken from her upcoming EP “Shapes”, which is to be released later this year, her latest single shows a creative and musical maturity beyond her 23 years. The sprightly beat and natural sounding piano give it an uplifting, carefree fluidity, while her pop/folk-dipped vocals effortlessly add an organic layer. Addressing millennial problems, this catchy, gorgeous song definitely has heart.

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Music History

Earth, Wind & Fire – “Heritage”

From their album “Heritage” (1990):

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New Music

Jocelyn Alice – “Still Wondering”

This is the new single by Canadian singer and songwriter Jocelyn Alice:

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