In The Spotlight

Natalie Shay – “Perfume”

Graduating from the BRIT School Of Music and having won multiple awards already is quite an achievement for this 19 year old, British singer and songwriter from London. With her bubbly indie-pop sound, she’s supported artists such as JP Cooper and Mullally and performed at London’s most renowned venues. Her previous single “This Feeling” reached number 4 on the iTunes charts earlier this year.

Her new single takes her modern and bouncy indie-pop sensibilities and adds some retro-tinted 80s electronics into the mix. The glistening quality of the dynamic synths and the catchiness of the rhythm generates an upbeat, summery glow, while her multi-layered, perky vocals provide warm sunshine to this peppy, happiness-inducing synth-pop delight with a wonderfully nostalgic 80s twist.

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Music History

Commodores – “Reach High”

From their album “All The Great Hits” (1982):

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New Music

Allen Stone – “Warriors”

This is the new single by R&B/Soul singer and songwriter Allen Stone:

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