In The Spotlight

Rén With The Mane – “Changes”

Renée Orshan, aka Rén, is a Brooklyn-based indie-pop songstress who embodies her principle of letting go of everything holding you back and living life to the full. Her performances are a family affair with her brother Reuben on lead guitar and her sister Eden singing background vocals. Inspired by the likes of Kimbra, No Doubt and Lily Allen, she tries to inject a fun, quirky tint to her pop style.

Her latest single has a little of everything that is good about music. It has an ethereal atmosphere to which you can just dream away, but at the same time it’s also a very catchy, uplifting pop song. With a laid-back, guitar-driven melody, a smooth, yet lively rhythm which leads to an invigorating climax and gorgeous, sultry vocals stroking your senses, this is an absolutely enchanting auditory gift.

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Music History

Kajagoogoo – “Space Cadet”

From their EP “Death Defying Headlines” (2008):

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New Music

Outasight – “Never Get Enough”

This is the new single by New York-based singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Outasight:

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