In The Spotlight

Gattison – “California Magic”

Singer and songwriter Kyle Gattison literally has music running through his family tree. He started playing piano aged 10 and wrote his first song at 12. Although he grew up in the San Fransisco Bay Area surrounded by gospel and soul, it was the discovery of synth and bass-heavy Electronic Dance Music which shaped his sound and a powerful lyricism based on peace, love, unity and respect.

His latest single is an infectious, summer-ready jam, which sounds like it should be played on a boombox at the beach. Putting the emphasis on contemporary funk, the sweeping bass-slaps and lighthearted finger-snaps are enticing, while the vivacious, retro-dipped synths, bouncy beats and effervescent, soul-dripping vocals make this an exuberant slice of true, funkalicious, summertime magic.

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Music History

Evelyn “Champagne” King – “Shame”

From her album “Smooth Talk” (1977):

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New Music

The Coral – “Eyes Like Pearls”

From their upcoming album “Move Through The Dawn”, to be released on 10 August 2018:

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