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GIBBZ – “Say Yes”

Singer and producer Mike Gibney was born in Bohemia, New York and is a Berklee School Of Music alumnus, where he studied music production. For the next five years he worked in the shadows as an audio engineer, both on the road as in studios. GIBBZ was created after an alcohol-fuelled haze made him realize that he could spend his life recording and performing his own stylings of electro-pop.

A smooth electric piano paves the way for the refreshing summery groove which is his latest single. By immersing his electro-pop sound in radiant retro funky flavours, he’s added a whole new dimension to this summertime jam. The bouncing beat serves as the tracks backbone, while the smouldering synths and his shiny, soul-infused vocals create a happy-go-lucky melody everyone will say yes to.

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Music History

Jeff Lynne – “Video”

From the soundtrack of the movie “Electric Dreams” (1984):

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New Music

Ward Thomas – “Lie Like Me”

From their upcoming album “Restless Minds”, to be released on 1 February 2019:

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