In The Spotlight

Elliott Blaufuss – “Instantaneous”

This eclectic singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist started his career in Chanhassen, Minnesota, across the lake from Prince’s Paisley Park. Now Nashville-based, this masterful musician has been touring with Eric Hutchinson and Kelly Clarkson, while he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming third album. He primarily plays Funk and Soul, but he’s also versed in Country and Rhythm & Blues.

The funky influence of his Purple Highness runs through the veins of this exhilarating, high-energy groove. A sprightly bass line teases the electric guitar plucks, bouncing to life in the drum-rich chorus with bounteous agility, while his vitalizing vocals and multi-layered harmonies add some soulful zing. Although slightly tinted purple, it’s an exceptional piece of funkalicious goodness.

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Music History

Mousse T. – “Fire”

From his album “Gourmet De Funk” (2002):

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New Music

Eli Paperboy Reed – “As I Live And Breathe”

From his album “Eli Paperboy Reed Meets High & Mighty Brass Band” (2018):

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