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Violetta Zironi – “One More Goodbye”

This Italian songstress started writing her first songs at the age of 16. Having formed a Country/Blues trio, she performed all over the North of Italy. Her musical journey took her to London, Berlin and the US, gaining experience and inspiration from the musicians she played with and shaping her diverse sound by blending Americana, Folk and Country with her impassioned Mediterranean roots.

Her latest single is a gorgeous treasure of authentic, melancholy beauty and is proof that sometimes just having an acoustic guitar and a delicate voice is all you need to create an elegant song in which both folk influences as jazzy touches can be heard. Chronicling the emotions that heartbreak can bring, the exquisite fragility of her sumptuous vocals make it sound lusciously honest.

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Music History

Wendy & Lisa – “Honeymoon Express”

From their debut album “Wendy & Lisa” (1988):

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New Music

DANSU – “Don’t You Give Up”

This is the new single by Tokyo-based Dutch Electro-Pop/funk trio DANSU:

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