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DANSU – “Run”

This Dutch electro-pop trio, based in Tokyo, Japan, consists of frontman Bas van Nienes, Jeroen van de Werken and bassist Eljakim Okkerse. Their goal is to make highly danceable, happiness-inducing tracks with colorful, upbeat tunes. With their previous single “Do Do Do” they scored a minor hit in Israel and they have toured extensively across Canada, Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands.

Introducing their honorary fourth member in the video clip – a green bucket – their latest single is a refreshing indie-pop song with a very summery feel. With an infectious rhythm, scintillating synths, lively guitar and joyful, rousing vocals, it’s an uplifting pop track with a touch of soul. This catchy, feel-good groove is a sure-fire way to chase away those winter blues.

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