In The Spotlight

Louis Baker – “So Lo”

Digging through his parents’ record collection of Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye and Joni Mitchell when he was young sparked a passion for music in this New Zealand singer and songwriter. He started writing original songs aged 17 and attended the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in New York. He debuted with a 2014 self-titled EP, played several festivals worldwide and toured with Allen Stone.

Teasing his upcoming album “OPEN”, which is due on June 21st, his new single brings classic Motown-style soul right up-to-date. With gospel-like backing vocals and an invigorating rhythm driving the laid-back vibe, it’s the luminous soulfulness of his vintage-tinged voice, tickling the smooth guitars and sleek keys, that elevates this sumptuous, seductive groove to refreshing new heights.

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Music History

Sara Bareilles – “Gonna Get Over You”

From her album “Kaleidoscope Heart” (2010):

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New Music

Guy Sebastian – “Choir”

Celebrating the joyful spirit of his friend Luke Liang, who passed away last year aged 28, this is the jaunty new single by Australian artist Guy Sebastian:

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