In The Spotlight

Laney Lynx – “Nothing Sounds The Same”

Hailing from Rhode Island, this vitalizing singer and songwriter is a Berklee College Of Music graduate who forged an exhilarating fusion of R&B, funk and electro-pop. Based in New York City, in pursuit of her childhood dreams, she draws inspiration from Aaliyah, HAIM and Stevie Wonder. Infused with quirky and playful nostalgia, she released her punchy debut single “Love Sick” in 2015.

Painting a gorgeous soundscape with some colorful vintage brush strokes, her new single is an ear-tingling portrait, blending classic tones with modern pop hues. With a catchy rhythm, a splash of synths and a lively electric guitar solo creating an 80s-tinted canvas and her mellifluous vocals and euphonic harmonies adding a melodious artistry, this composition is a true work of art.

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Music History

Elton John – “Town Of Plenty”

From his album “Reg Strikes Back” (1988):

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New Music

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Dynamite”

Blending pop, funk and sunshiny horns, this is the new perky single by Danish band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour:

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