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Ashe – “In Disguise”

This Los Angeles-based pop songwriter and jazz vocalist graduated in composition and production from the Berklee College Of Music. Finding herself blending modern day pop with electronic music, she collaborated with the likes of Louis The Child and Whethan. Adding her own vintage vocals to her cool pop stylings, she kicked off her solo career back in 2017 with her debut single “Used To It”.

Immersed in a laid-back, refreshingly retro pool, her new single is a summertime classic in the making. With sunlit guitars and a smooth rhythm giving it a lustrous, beach-front vibe, it’s the flower-powerful vintage tones and her sultry, sugar-coated vocals, heralding the bittersweet message to always be true to yourself, that truly fill this bubbly jam with utter charisma  and  a timeless radiance.

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Music History

The Whispers – “Imagination”

From their album “Imagination” (1980):

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New Music

Iris Gold – “A Lot To Give”

From her album “Planet Cool” (2019):

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