In The Spotlight

Nikko Gray – “Feathers”

Daughter to the late singer and songwriter Maureen Gray, aka GIRL, it’s no surprise that this vocalist was trained in music from a young age. Born in England, she was raised in London and The Netherlands before moving to Los Angeles aged 15. With her newly formed band, she’s held a residency at Santa Barbara’s Velvet Jones and opened for high school friend Shwayze on his Feel Good tour in 2014.

With sensuous, R&B plumage, her alluring new single is a mellow groove. The shiny rhythm and enchanting synths give it both an old-school feel as a modern touch, while her sexy and bewitching vocals slowly put your ears under their unbreakable spell. With an added Summery vibe and a captivating delivery, this feathery light potion is a magical brew full of sumptuous and seductive tones.

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Music History

Toto – “Don’t Chain My Heart”

From their album “Kingdom Of Desire” (1992):

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New Music

Amber Mark – “What If”

With a sultry cocktail of sensuous R&B and smooth jazz, this is the new single by songstress Amber Mark:

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