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The Rubinoos – “Honey From The Honeycombs”

Formed way back in 1970 in Berkeley, this Californian power-pop quartet has been a feature of the music scene for decades. Their eponymous self-titled debut album was released in 1977, scoring their first chart hit “I Think We’re Alone Now”. After recording the theme for “Revenge Of The Nerds”, the band took a sabbatical in 1985, but in 1998 returned with their acclaimed album “Paleophonic”.

Written as a tribute to the late female drummer Honey Lantree of the UK group The Honeycombs, their new single is a celebration of peppy 70s beat pop. Taken from their upcoming album “From Home”, due to drop on August 23, it’s their time-honored sound of lively drums, cheery guitars, vintage harmonies and fun Beach Boys-like vibes, that makes this groovy and infectious jam sound timeless.

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Music History

Sheryl Crow – “Summer Day”

From her album “100 Miles From Memphis” (2010):

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New Music

BUNT. ft. The Dip – “Sure Don’t Miss You”

Blending The Dip’s 60s-style soul with their signature folk-house sound, this is the new single by German duo BUNT.:

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The Dip:
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