In The Spotlight

Chloé Caroline – “Messy”

Born in the sunshine of Manhattan Beach, California, this fresh singer and songwriter grew up in a house filled with sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton and Frank Sinatra. A student of human behavior, she writes intricate, personal lyrics. Since 2015 she’s been writing songs for movies, as well as independently releasing an EP and several singles, such as the Ben Harper produced “Indian Summer” in 2016.

Celebrating the strength it takes to keep moving forward, despite life’s struggles, her new single blends old-school touches with a catchy pop layer and a bit of a country twang. Lyrically hard-hitting, she delivers the words with a melancholic honesty and a hint of attitude. With an addictive beat and gripping guitar riffs laying down the melodic mood, this sassy gem is steeped in uplifting vibes.

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Music History

Mamas Gun – “Reconnection”

From their album “The Life And The Soul” (2011):

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New Music

REYNA – “The Way I Loved You”

With neon-lit, bubbly vintage vibes, this is the new single by sibling pop duo REYNA:

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