In The Spotlight

Bobby Oroza – “Lonely Girl”

Born in Helsinki to a singer mom and a gypsy jazz guitarist dad, this vocalist, songwriter and musician was raised on Latin music. Growing up, he felt influenced by his parents’ record collection, which ranged from jazz and blues to Motown and gospel. Versed in guitar and percussion, he started work as a musician in his teens. His unique sound led to the release of his debut single “This Love” in 2018.

Soaked in suave Northern Soul charm, his new single takes your ears on a welcome trek back to the golden age of aural romanticism. Driven by a peppy percussion, the breezy guitars create a sun-lit, laid-back ambience in which his creamy, classic-styled voice and 60s-dipped backing vocals conjure up images of a Summers picnic in the park. A flawless and flirtatious memory of a lost lover.

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Music History

Lucky Soul – “Add Your Light To Mine, Baby”

From their album “The Great Unwanted” (2007):

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New Music

Raphael Saadiq – “Something Keeps Calling”

From his upcoming album “Jimmy Lee”, to be released on 23 August 2019:

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