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Jordan Mackampa – “Under”

This London-based singer and songwriter with Congolese roots blends classic soulfulness with bits of folk, pop and gospel, creating a tasty auditory smoothie. Grown up with the legendary sounds of Marvin Gaye, Bill Whithers and Curtis Mayfield, he also finds inspiration from the music of BB King and Coldplay. He released his debut single “Same Faces” in 2016 and packed out European festival stages.

Bursting onto your eardrums with a funky rhythm, an acoustic guitar and his soul-dripping vocal artistry, his new single is an upbeat harmonic delight. Narrating the story about falling for someone you only met briefly on a train, his poetic lyricism coasts on the melodious waves, while the lush, enchanting backing vocals and the foot-tappin’ crescendo make this groove sound extraordinary.

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