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STORRY – “You Don’t Know Me (Nah Nah)”

Born in Toronto, this Canadian musical workaholic has been singing into a microphone since she was 2. Although initially influenced by Whitney and Mariah, she majored in classical voice at Vanier College and studied opera at the University Of Toronto. Doing a 180, she traveled the world to find her purpose, which would lead her back to music. She debuted with “Leave My Heart Behind” early this year.

Her new single combines a multitude of musical layers into one breathtaking soundscape. The highly funky rhythm, the R&B touches and the Motown-styled backing singers are the foundation, while she stacks some smooth bass guitar and exhilarating brass on top. And with her astounding soulful and jazzy-dippped vocals truly adding some magic, this is one rising star we would love to know.

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