In The Spotlight

Sedona – “More Love”

Whether you call her sound Dirty Pop or Femme Funk, this Los Angeles born artist is making her mark on the music scene. She grew up with pop icons like Diana Ross, Madonna and Gwen Stefani and female empowerment is still lyrically a common theme. Now based in New York, she mixes vintage soulful R&B with a touch of Santana-like jazz-fusion and debuted with “Call me Up” in 2018.

Sonically set in the sparkling 80s, her new single uses the electronic retro synths to set a scene which is both seductive as vibrant. Within its shimmering soundscape and punchy rhythm, she creates a sprightly pop vibe, exploding with a sweet neon splendor, while using her frisky, playful vocals to satirize the thrill of chasing after a lover and unites it all in an irresistibly catchy pop banger.

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Music History

The Blow Monkeys – “It Pays To Belong”

From their album “Whoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood” (1988):

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New Music

Hey Violet – “Clean”

Glowing with a radiant vintage tinge, this is the new single by L.A.-based trio Hey Violet:

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