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Bedhead – “Fight No More”

Born just outside of Toronto as Veronica Racanelli, this Canadian singer and songwriting grew up in an artistic household, sparking her journey into her own creativity. She’s studied painting and photography, as well as music, explaining the vivid imagery of her lyrics, which cover topics like mental health and heartbreak. With her lush, eclectic sound, she debuted with “Bitter” earlier this year.

Lyrically making a statement of the desire to move from a negative, depressing time in your life to a more positive future, her sophomore single is a perfectly produced pop banger. Rich in swanky synths and a rousing rhythm, the crisp melody forges a shimmering soundscape, in which her empowering, purposeful vocals give it a bit of a bite and emanate an auspicious hope for a renewed destiny.

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Music History

Queen – “Headlong”

From their album “Innuendo” (1991):

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New Music

Melanie C – “High Heels”

Featuring the infectious flamboyancy of Sink The Pink, this is the glittery new single by Melanie C:

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