In The Spotlight

Charles Parker – “Love Is Us”

Native to Baltimore, this singer, guitarist and songwriter spent his childhood listening to the likes of The Bay City Rollers and The Partridge Family, but the discovery of Kiss and Iron Maiden showed him another side to music. He’s spent over 20 years playing in cover bands, but took his own blend of country, folk and rock on a solo outing in 2017 and released his debut album “Bring Back The Sun”.

Giving an exhilarating rock beat some boot-stompin’ twang, his new single is the glittering result of when different sounds cross paths. With some powerful percussion rocking the melody and the catchy country guitar enhancing the joyous harmony, it opens up to allow his narrative vocal style to shine. And with the addition of some catchy hooks, this foot-tappin’ tune is truly jumpin’.

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Music History

Jaki Graham – “You Can Count On Me”

From her album “Real Life” (1995):

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New Music

The Heavy – “Last Man Standing”

Overflowing with funkalicious yumminess, this is the new single by British funkateers The Heavy:

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