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LUNAFALL – “Change My Mind”

Hailing from Birmingham, this British trio has exploded onto the music scene with their genre-transcending sound. Consisting of Joel Darkes, Dave Bright and Darius Franklin, they’ve been touring with their electric live show across the UK and Europe and had their music featured on BBC Introducing. With their high-energy blend of pop and rock, they debuted with “Knock Me Down” in 2017.

Combining contemporary pop elements with a retro rock capped tune, their new single scales the peaks of their invigorating soundscape. Ascending from a delightfully mellow verse to the punchy indie-dipped chorus, it travels all over the sonic spectrum and highlights the finest bits it has to offer. And with their lush harmonious dual vocals topping the infectious melody, this is pop/rock at its best.

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Music History

Jennifer Rush – “Heart Over Mind”

From her album “Heart Over Mind” (1987):

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New Music

The Script – “Something Unreal”

From their upcoming album “Sunsets & Full Moons”, to be released on 8 November 2019:

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