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Amy Swift – “Every Little Thing”

This British vocalist and songwriter was raised by her teacher mother and car dealer dad on the sounds of soul, jazz and Motown, firing a passion for music within her. She’s written for a multitude of other artists, as well as fronting the electro-soul band Pacific State. Making a name as a solo artist, she released her debut single “Moving” earlier in 2019 and is opening for Natacha Atlas.

Her third solo outing harkens back to the golden days of Motown-styled soul, without losing a foothold in the present. With a feel-good swagger from the driving beat and the smooth retro shimmer, created by the xylophone and harmonious backing vocals, wrapping its melodic warmth around her swooning voice, this silken tune fuses every little delicious sonic morsel to auditory perfection.

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Music History

Jamie Lidell – “Big Love”

From his album “Jamie Lidell” (2013):

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New Music

Alicia Keys – “Time Machine”

With an exhilarating funky beat filling the retro R&B vibes, this is the new single by Alicia Keys:

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