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Sydney Ranee’ – “Drink With You”

Born with a passion for music and a desire to perform, this Los Angeles-native singer, songwriter and producer got to work with Josh Groban while still attending high school and got to feature in the clip for “You Raise Me Up”. Known as The Sultry Songstress, she’s influenced by Prince, Stevie Wonder and Jill Scott. She debuted her delicious soul, R&B and funk blend on her EP “Born To Run” in 2015.

Her latest single is a perfectly balanced mix of 80s suave soul and 90s slick R&B. Taken from her EP “Drop My Guard”, it’s the crisp electric guitar and the invigorating funky rhythm that lay down some ear-stroking vintage vibes. Her incredible vocals, ranging from sassy to sultry, sound refreshingly modern, while maintaining that retro edge and making this a sophisticated R&B showstopper.

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Music History

Rahsaan Patterson – “Stop By”

From his album “Rahsaan Patterson” (1997):

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New Music

Lawrence – “It’s Not All About You”

With a joyous vintage soul-pop bop, this is the new single by brother and sister fronted band Lawrence:

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