In The Spotlight

Mychael Gabriel – “Honesty”

After an impressive career in the shadows of the music scene, working as a songwriter, guitarist and re-mixer for legends such as George Duke, Earth, Wind & Fire and Sheila E., it’s time for this multi-talented musician to step into the limelight. Infusing his music with an unbridled passion and incredible lyrical prowess, he debuted his vivid funk-rock sound with “Ghost In The Midnight” earlier this year.

Turning down a vigorous funkalicious vibe to an amorous smooth groove, his new single is a highly skilled amalgam of fire and seduction. His guitar virtuosity plays with a pulsating bass line and a funky rhythm, creating a Prince-touched retro arrangement, while his silky, falsetto vocals flirt with the soundwaves. And with adding an electrifying guitar solo to the soulful texture, it’s pure aural honesty.

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Music History

Liza Minnelli – “Don’t Drop Bombs”

From her album “Results” (1989):

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New Music

Luke James – “All Of Your Love”

From his upcoming album “To Feel Love/d”, to be released early 2020:

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