In The Spotlight

Ocean Alley – “Tombstone”

Formed in a backyard shed, this Australian six-piece band has been wowing audiences with their infectious melodic surf-rock sound since 2011. Influenced by legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, they fuse sunshine, reggae and rock with vintage touches. They debuted with their 2013 EP “Yellow Mellow”, released a second EP “In Purple” in 2015 and two critically acclaimed studio albums since.

Reminiscent of the breezy seventies West-Coast sound of bands like America, their new single radiates tasty mellow vibes, basked in golden sunshine. With sleek, yet peppy drums and sunlit guitars creating a roadtrip worthy jam, the chorus adds some rousing rock spirit into the sweet sonic mix. And with Baden Donegal’s mighty vocal chops stirring the tune, this is a sunny slice of pure riveting rock.

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