In The Spotlight

Baker Grace – “Like You”

Born as Chloe Grace Baker in New Jersey, this 18 year young singer and songwriter taught herself how to play piano and guitar as a child. Influenced by Carole King and Tupac Shakur, she signed her first record deal at 16 under the moniker Bitter’s Kiss and released a self-titled album in 2015. Now based in New York, she debuted her new name and fresh sound with “Am I Talking To You?” in 2017.

As an ode to compassion, empathy and understanding, her new single uses pop music and heavenly vocals to show a naked vulnerability that is refreshingly honest. Shaping a gorgeous soundscape with a gentle guitar and her silky voice, soon joined by a mellow rhythm, dips the song in a charming subtlety, while retaining the message of empowerment and making this an exquisite triumph.

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