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Alma Cook – “So Close”

Born in Wisconsin, this stirring singer and songwriter honed her craft at Chicago’s Columbia College. Lyrically telling stories about the human condition and its vulnerabilities, she shows a passion for poignant themes. Influenced by the likes of Amel Larrieux and Lauryn Hill, she blends touches of pop, jazz, and neo-soul. Now New York-based, she debuted with her EP “Pass It On” in 2012.

Dipping a jazzy vibe into a refreshing bath of 90s R&B, her new single is as soothing as it is captivating. The multi-layered virtuosity of a mellow beat, silky guitars and sweet synths creates an ear-stroking dreamscape in which it is easy to get lost, while the smooth harmonies and her velveteen vocals envelop every tasty note with a seductive warmth, a natural closeness and pure charisma.

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