In The Spotlight

KAYE – “Closer Than This”

Born as Charlene Kaye, this songstress and musician spent her childhood all over the world, from Hawaii to Hong Kong, from Singapore to America. She surrounded herself with the old soul records of her parents and 90s grunge on the radio. Having played bass and guitar in several cover bands, she joined San Fermin as lead vocalist in 2014. She released her solo debut EP “Honey” in 2016.

Returning after a two year solo hiatus, her new single is a powerful mix of R&B and indie-pop. Kicking off with a rich resounding bass line, this musical present unwraps itself with a bouncy rhythm, glistening synths and an infectious R&B vibe. And with her charismatic powerhouse vocals, with a flirtatious edge, putting the bow on top, this is a potent slice of modern musicality you want to keep close.

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